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Convert your ideas into words.

WritteN Communication Solutions




Delivery date compliance

Highest quality and proficiency

Organized - Focused

Personal customer service

Professional - Confidential


Edition / Style Correction
Translation / Corporate


Corporate Communications

(Editorial, Marketing, Reports,

Articles, Press Communications)




Finance / Insurance





(Books Manuscripts, Biographies, Literature, Magazines, News

Bulletins, Reports, Annual Reports,

CSR, Resumes, Magazine Articles, Corporate Memoirs)



"Read obsessively. Write furiously. Edit carefully."

- Sissy Gavrilaki



The Internet offers thousands of edition and translation web pages and applications.

Even tough the market is constantly evolving, it has still not reached a point where texts are accurately understood.


It is not the same to edit or translate an Official Document, a Professional Profile, a Fashion Press Release or a Legal Mandate. Every document has to be loyal to the original idea or document.


"Meaningful ideas expressed in writing".


A brand based on elegant language services for modern individuals and businesses.

Established in 2012, transduco offers drafting, edition, and translation services (English and Spanish) as a tool to facilitate uni-multilingüal, culturally adapted communication for your projects and documents.

This written communication solution service assists you in:

- Converting your ideas into written content.

- Reviewing, editing and translating your projects and documents. 

- Obtaining piece of mind knowing that the required message will get across accurately with proper grammar, spelling, punctuation and format.



"Words ALWAYS make a difference when placed in the right context".


A word lover in all written and spoken expressions. 

My goal is to help you communicate your business and personal ideas through drafting, edition and translation.

Panamanian, B.S. in Economics and International Relations, SMU.

16+ years at International and local Corporations linked to Insurance and Finance.

During my Corporate years, I required high end-quality drafts, editing and translations in compliance with the industries’ standards. Recognizing a valuable service to offer through my love for words and having a high level of written and spoken Spanish and English, I went through the process for earning an APT license.

My services have been required by local and international Companies from diverse industries.

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