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Convert your ideas into words.

Written Communication Solutions

Business Communication Solutions Partner

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"Meaningful ideas expressed in writing".


A brand based on elegant written communication services for modern businesses and individuals.


transduco will help you draft and edit your business plans, converting them into written copy with in place format, style and flow.


Our goal is to support clients and organizations through a high quality, uni-multi-lingüal, culturally adapted written communication service, always thinking solutions, not problems.

We offer you peace of mind knowing that your business and personal communication will get across accurately, through writing, editing and translating. 


Your ideas will be delivered, in Spanish and English, by a Certified Translator.



Writing / Copy / Drafting / Transcription


Editing & Style Correction


“Translators are like Ninjas. If you notice them, they’re no good.”


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A word lover in all written and spoken expressions. 

My name is Carmen, Partner at transduco. 


Academic and Corporate qualifications include an Executive Education Certificate in Business Strategy, a Bachelor of Science in Economics and International Relations, both from Southern Methodist University and 16+ years at International and Local Corporations linked to Insurance and Finance.

During my Corporate years, I produced and set a standard for high end-quality drafts, editing and translations in compliance with industry requisites. Recognizing there was a valuable service to offer and due to my love for words coupled with my high level of written and spoken Spanish and English, I went through the process of earning an Authorized Public Translator (ATP) license.

My services have been required by local and international Companies from diverse industries.

Contact Information: +(507) 6619.2320 or at



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